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Code of ethics

1.- Goodwill.

We shall always protect and promote the interests of our clients while simultaneously treating fairly all parties involved in a transaction.

2.- Trueness.

We shall present true and accurate information in our advertisements and presentations and shall not deceive or mislead the public in any way.

We shall not mislead any buyer, seller, Real Estate Professional or other party involved in a transaction or use any deceptive or fraudulent practices in the conduct of our business.

We will always avoid exaggeration, misrepresentation or concealment of pertinent facts relating to any property or transaction.

3.- Obligations with clients.

We shall not act without written representation agreements and we shall always act according to applicable legislation.

4.- Equality.

We will not deny professional services to any person for reasons of race, sex, religion, creed or any other personal or social circumstance.

5.- Quality.

We shall provide at least that level of competent service ordinarily expected by the public in its dealings with a Real Estate Professional. We should never render advice concerning matters that are beyond our professional expertise.

We will recommend our clients to obtain legal advice if necessary for the defence of their interests.

6.- Loyalty.

We shall not recommend or suggest to a customer the use of services of another organization or business entity in which we have any financial interest without disclosing such interest at the time of the recommendation or suggestion.

7.- Self contracting.

We shall not acquire an interest in or buy for ourselves, any relative or any entity in which we have a substantial ownership interest, property listed with ourselves, without making the true position known to the seller and counting with his authorization, respecting in any case a reasonable price for the property.

Selling property owned by ourselves, or in which we have any interest, we shall also reveal the facts of our ownership or interest to the buyer.

8.- Offers.

Until the closing of a transaction, we shall submit all purchase offers to the seller as quickly and objective as possible.

9.- Operational documentation.

As far as possible we will assure that all economic and financial obligations as well as any other type of compromise with respect to the real estate transactions should be realized by writing, leaving constancy of the exact agreement between the parts involved.

Upon signature or approval of any document by any party of the transaction, we shall ensure that such party receives a copy of the mentioned document.

10.- Definition of fees.

We shall inform our clients about our fees whose amount should be reasonably fair.

We shall not accept any compensation arrangement from more than one party of a transaction without full knowledge of all of the parties involved.

Within our effort of price transparency we shall never artificially inflate a property price with the aim to hide our service fees.

11.- Reception of funds.

We shall always hand out a receipt for any amount received, specifying the payment concept in the same document.

We shall handle those amounts with major diligence.

Any amount received from our customers provisionally and with the aim to finalize a real estate transaction, we shall pay it into a special bank account separated from all other funds, where it will be kept in trust until finalizing the operation.